Become the True Magic of You

Warning : This is not a Regular Program

This program, is not for the light-hearted. What I am offering will take real commitment on your part, and will get real results.

Unless you are seriously fed up with your current life, truly ready for serious change, then stop here.


In the past, I have worked with those who, just like you;

  *  were totally fed up with the life they were living and were ready to experience the spectacular life they dreamed of

  *  yearned for understanding of their true self and couldn't settle for anything less 

  *  were ready to take deliberate control of their life by understanding the importance of mindset and deliberately choosing their thoughts and beliefs

  *  wanted so desperately to BE HaPpY that they were ready to change their perspectives

  *  had become so addicted to pleasing everyone that they lost themselves

  *  were struggling with their identity and self worth

  *  were ready to stop being a victim and start re-creating their life

  *  had issues with relationships, health (even long term) and abundance


And those who

  *  were eager to break destructive cycles to seize the freedom of their birthright

  *  were eager to live the amazing life that they once dared to imagine.

  *  were ready to grasp empowerment and deliberate creation,

  *  had the will to live each moment with purpose,

  *  had the desire to invite joy and freedom into their heart and lives.


It takes courage to embrace change, but I can tell you through experience, that if you are open minded and determined, willing to accept my assistance, then the whole world can and will align for you. It is tried and proven, over and over.


I love this quote from Neville Goddard.


“Now I would like to step outside the limitation of my senses, but I have not yet found within myself the courage to assume I AM what these five (senses) would deny I AM. So here I remain, conscious of my task, but without the courage to step beyond the limitations of my senses, and that which my reason denies.”


In the course of my coaching career, I have helped many, and those who embraced my guidance, and committed to the process are now living very different lives.


But, this is not that program, this is something beyond that, so much more personal, extremely supportive, incredibly intense, requiring complete commitment and persistence, and ultimately, very effective, again, it’s not for the light hearted. This is such a truly unique and once in a lifetime offer, that I want you to think seriously before you commit, because once you do, I will not let you give up on yourself until we are done, then, you would not ever consider doing so. 


What I am offering is 28 days of full-on support, 1 x 60 minute private call once a week, 1 x  30 minute private call every other day, all personally tailored to you, that's 29 calls in all. Plus you get 8 hours of real time contact every day through messenger, to answer anything that may arise for you, to soothe your fears or frustration, or to hand hold. Add to this my frequencies and training in Reconnective Healing, delivering frequencies each day for the ultimate return to vitality in all aspects of the body, mind, emotion and energy fields. 


I am your personal mindset mentor and Facilitator of Miracles, at your beck and call everyday for 28 days, which is the perfect duration to create lasting and empowering new beliefs that will continue to support you indefinitely.


Perhaps …

·      YOU know there is more to life but it always seems out of reach?

·      YOU have lost faith in yourself and the whole process after trying and failing too often?


Are You …

·      Open-minded and Teachable?

·      Committed and prepared to do whatever is necessary to bring about real positive transformation?

·      Eager for change but afraid to do it alone?

·      Prepared to invest substantially in yourself and your future, mentally, energetically and financially?


Real change happens only with real commitment.



What makes me different from other Empowerment Leaders, Life Coaches, Mentors or Healers?


I am compassionate and authentic, with a healthy sense of humour, I believe life is about finding the quickest way to a life of joy. I guide through real life experience and the wisdom gained through a diverse manner of study and personal contact with my guides. I include Reconnective Healing to assist in bringing change into your being, both physical and otherwise. I have a practical understanding of Law of Attraction and I am a living example of the concepts I teach. I understand energy practices and the science behind them, the intricacies of, for example how a thought affects the body even before the mind is able to translate it, and so the importance of awareness in these and all areas.


I am able to recognise beliefs that are holding you in the patterns of the past and current situations. You may not always like what I have to tell you – but you can be sure I will always tell you the truth, the truth about what’s standing in the way of your success and how to get rid of it FAST so you can start getting results in record time. I will hold your hand and support you through your journey but I will not, and cannot do it for you.


I won’t hold anything back, you will have access to me, my understanding, and my practices. I will hold trust in you, I will love and support you like you have never known before. I will give you the guidance you need and the tools to put this into practice, and, I will hold you accountable. The outcomes are your responsibility, if you don’t uphold your end of the deal, with the integrity and commitment required then so be it.


If you are still serious about moving ahead, please click the button below, you will then be directed to my scheduler for a FREE Breakthrough Call to discuss this further.   A short questionnaire will follow, please complete this so that I may better serve you on our call.