Reconnective Healing*

Reconnective Healing transforms energy patterns, it starts at the core of any ‘issue’ you may be encountering. As everything is energy, it interacts with the whole person, your body, your emotions and your higher energetic aspects to restore balance. We know through scientific testing that it speaks to and repairs DNA, increases the vital light and information transfer between our cells and the zero point field that we live in, and which sustains life. This zero point field is often referred to as Source and God. Reconnective Healing reminds our body of it’s natural higher frequencies of health and during a Reconnective session, balance and therefore healing begins and can complete.


Healing is often instant and permanent, however as healing begins at the core (the beliefs which initiated and maintained the issue), obvious signs of healing may not always be immediately noticeable. I offer up to three or four sessions for any one condition, if after these sessions there is still no noticeable change, then I believe that the condition still has something to offer the client. This is where mentoring and coaching is important, to create new beliefs that support whole body healing and vitality, releasing disempowering beliefs in the process.