These are just a handful of the wonderful responses from clients near and far ...


Testimonial from Arthur and Margaret


We are writing this testimonial both as witness and receiver of the healing. Suzi (daughter) arrived a few minutes after my husband was wheeled back to the ward after surgery, in which three stents were inserted into his heart, as a result of a massive heart attack.


He requested a session as soon as Suzi arrived. As one can imagine, he was connected to all sorts of monitors, heart rate, pulse and blood pressure to name a few.


As the session began I started to notice a remarkable change in the numbers and graphs on the monitor.  The high heart rate and blood pressure began to drop, his pulse also.  Within less that fifteen minutes all were showing healthy levels, my husband was relaxed and peaceful.


The next morning, my husband requested another session, ‘I don’t know how, but I can feel it healing me,’ he said. We witnessed the same adjustments on the monitors as we had the night before.


A fourth stent was required to be fitted, which the doctor had said that he didn’t think my husband would be well enough to have done for a couple of weeks, but after examining him on the second day wanted to perform it the next day. This fourth stent was inserted in record time and ease, the doctor excited that it had ‘gone straight in’ even though it was in a difficult place to access. Little did he know that Suzi was working on him during the surgery.


On the fifth day, and after a couple of more sessions he was released from hospital. Medication, a multitude of tablets, that he was told he would need to take forever have been, within twelve months reduced to just one, receiving an excellent bill of health from the medical specialist.


Suzi’s work has been a godsend to our family, and I would highly recommend sessions to everyone, they are non-intrusive, very relaxing and out of this world.


Testimonial from Sue E

Sue had booked a healing session the day before heading away for a few days break. She was so sick with the flu on the day of the session that she couldn’t get out of bed to meet me, and was ready to cancel her trip. I gave her a distance session instead ... this was her reply. 

“Dear Suzi.... Thank you so much for the healing. I noticed the difference within 15 mins. I didn't think I would get to come away but I am at Avalon airport with Kathy. I am so grateful to you. Xx - Sue E”


Testimonial from Teresa

I spent 15 minutes with Suzi and the energy was really buzzing all through my body the whole time. For a long time my mind has been trying to figure out how to heal me, but with Suzi's guidance I realized that I needed to allow the healing process to happen to my body and in my heart. During the sessions she spoke such wisdom to me and kept me focused on the outcome, never allowing me to travel back the memory of my ailments. She saw me as healed and showed me how to see myself as healed as well. Her energy is incredible, but I think Suzi's real gift is that understands all the mechanics of healing. She knows that the person being healed needs to participate in the healing too. I feel refreshed and alive! No more fear. So grateful for this lady!  


Testimonial from TH


Suzi my Mom is doing so much better since you have been working with her. Her speech is clear, she is active and alive, so radiant again. Almost back to her normal self and it has only been two weeks! As you know, being paralyzed is very hard on her. She is a very active woman, so when little speed bumps come up like a bladder infection it can throw her whole body off. You may not have even known that because I haven't told you the diagnosis yet, but somehow you knew what she needed. She has healed quickly and is going out to dinner with my step Dad every night I call her! I swear it was touch-and-go for awhile, but now things are back on track. Whatever skills you have, whatever you have told her was exactly what 'she' was asking for. All I could do is step aside and watch. (I think she may have seen that smiley face of yours somehow!) Your abilities are amazing and you've the beautiful soul to match it. The rest of the world needs you. Thank you is not enough, I know, but is what I can give. You rock!  


Testimonial from Kris

Suzi is pure joy in or out of session, which is the goal of all energy consciousness. She's creative, uplifting, curious, evolving, expanding and upbeat at all times even when in the middle of challenges. We teach what we ARE, so she's a great teacher! She gave me remote sessions from Australia to the Midwest, USA. Your life will certainly be better and brighter if you choose to let Suzi inspire and lighten your life through her many talents. ~ Kris