Reconnective Healing*

Enjoy a relaxing half hour and allow the spectrum of frequencies to balance your body's energy field allowing for the perfect healing for you.


Reconnective Healing* is a completely hands OFF modality, the practitioner works over and around the client who is usually relaxing comfortably on the massage table, with eyes usually closed.


The frequencies are usually felt by the client, every client is bathed in the frequencies whether they sense them or not.


One session may be enough however two or three sessions may be required to shift a condition. Discounts are given if multiple sessions are paid for at the first appointment.


Reconnective Healing* can be performed in person or as a distance session anywhere around the globe.


The Reconnection*

This is performed in two one hour sessions on consectutive days. This is a once in a life time event.


Again, this is completely hands free and the client is relaxed and comfortable during the sessions. 


The Reconnection* must be performed in person.



 ** I like to compare the body to a computer, Reconnective Healing* is like an overhaul or a software upgrade, giving the computer a new lease of life, allowing it to run much more smoothly and more efficiently. The Reconnection* is the internet.....once you are connected you have access to the infinite wisdom of the universe, you have so much more than you even knew existed.          


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