Reconnective Healing talks to your DNA ...

Reconnective Healing* is an alternative modality which is becoming more widely accepted, and with good reason.

Reconnective Healing* consists of a new spectrum of frequencies which includes light and information. This light, although invisible to the human eye carries information directly to the DNA in our cells and reconnects them to source energy or, as scientists refer, the zero point field allowing restructuring of any damage that may be present. Healing actually begins at the very core of our being and healings are generally permanent.

Our body as with everything in our world is made up of energy. Reconnective Healing* frequencies when introduced to the client via the practitioner, change the body's energy field bringing it to a higher and healthier level, allowing the cells and the body to heal itself.

Reconnective Healing* works at all levels of the body including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, giving a complete and balanced experience. Every client receives a healing, however that healing may or may not be in the form the client expects.

We know that most physical symptoms are the effect of stress or other emotional trauma and to really heal we must address this cause. Healing the symptom is often only a temporary measure.

There have been many independant scientific studies carried out in regard to Reconnective Healing* that have supported this information.

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