Spread your Wings and Fly ...

Many of us have been travelling some bumpy roads of late in regard to some or all areas of our lives, however, I do not wish for that to be my focus.

When ever I am given a bit of a shake up, I like to think of it as an opportunity for growth. Like the caterpillar, who goes through the absolutely traumatic dissolving of life as he knows it, then the dark and cramped living conditions of the cocoon to be rebirthed as a magnificent butterfly. We too, can spread our wings and fly from the shattered ruins.

It is difficult, I know this, however if I can step back a little from a situation and become the observer, I can usually gain enough distance to see the situation from a different perspective.

Humans are creatures of habit, and it is too easy to do the same thing day in and day out, week in and week out, month in.....you get what I am saying. It is not until we are forced to change that most of us do, and growth only comes from change. It is unreasonable to expect anything to change without doing something different to change it. If everything stays the same there is no growth and stagnation begins. Life depends on growth and therefore change.

We are given nudges, be it from God or source, you name it, at first little nudges, but the more we ignore these nudges the bigger they become.....we can go easy or ????

Back to me, so I have become aware that I am, as are we all more than just a body or as I like to call it, a meat suit. We have a consciousness, and a soul. I have thought, eyesight, hearing, taste and touch, I have a voice and I also have a witness....something or someone that watches and listens, and often criticises all I do and say.

I like to think that I am actually the witness to THAT witness, the spirit, soul or higher self. This is me, this spirit who traverses this world in this meat suit, which I love very much I might add, without it I would not have the opportunity to experience the deliciousness of life.

Through loving the trillions of cells that miraculously work together tirelessly to breathe life, to beat my heart, digest the food and replace themselves continuously and to allow me the enjoyment life, of relationships and of family and friends I keep unity and balance.

Illness and disruption in our lives happen, however genuine love of the self, not of the egotistical kind but real inner respect and grace raises our body's energy and returns normality much more quickly.

So, next time chaos appears, step back and look differently, see what growth may be in there for you, be forgiving and understanding of yourself and others and shed some love for all concerned. This is the challenge I ask you to accept....and if you do not succeed at first, never mind....practice makes perfect.

Living from on open heart, from love moves us into a perspective of gratitude and appreciation and the flow of life. Others feel this energy and will often match it, bringing more and more enjoyable situations our way. Make the intention to start each day in love and see how you life transforms.

Sharing the love ~ Suzi

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