With Expansion comes New Awareness ....

Today I am feeling very expanded, very connected and quite extraordinary !!!

There has been a shift in me in the last 24 hours, and with it comes so much excitement I can barely contain myself.... my right ear has been popping all day, not the normal pop when it comes unblocked, more of a higher pitch, crystal sound...that is it, crystal, and each time I notice a change, like a shift up in gears....

I just had a quite amazing channeling experience also, the message coming through kept repeating...you are there, trust your wings, you can fly.... (there was much much more but I felt to share this part as this message is for us all)

This energy is so encompassing, so loving, so Divine....I know this energy, it is home, and we are being cheered on by so many, in dimensions unseen (but felt so intensely) to me but undoubtedly there...

I am reminded how grateful I am to my many teachers and mentors......this deep deep understanding that I have remembered, this place that is home that is so delicious that I know is built on pure love, that love that emanates every pore of our being.

I also thank all of my friends and my family that have been so instrumental to the recognition of this truth...this truth of me.

My love to you all...we are one and as our journey continues, may we fly together and enjoy every moment.

Suzi. XX


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