Imagine how beautiful our river will be when we face all we have discarded....


I have not shared all of what I do with the world yet, I am a work in progress as are we all. A little while back I began channeling spirit ...this is what came through last night...

'As expansion increases humans are reminded that they came to the earth plane to experience all that is not possible without form. Your heart is your means to experience. Many try to make sense of a situation with the mind, it was never equipped for the limitlessness, the infiniteness of awareness . Your heart is not only the doorway but the only way to move forward. Past situations that were not fully processed by the heart are being revisited for completion and transmutation as you move more deeply towards grace. Acknowledge all that is before you. You are not being asked to love everything, but feel it to its core ... no judgement, just experience. Then applying love will balance the energy around all aspects of it. .. the others involved, the thoughts, the emotions, the physical sensations ...and most of all yourself for allowing yourself to feel even when it is uncomfortable. Your heart is your bridge, open it and fear not !'

I have witnessed much unrest in the world, particularly at the present moment. I believe this is to do with the change in consciousness on the planet. The planetary energy is a major factor, with the earths's core frequency double what is was twenty years ago, and at the moment changing on a daily basis. Science can prove this, it has to do with the planetary alignments and rotations.

With an increase in planetary energy, the personal frequency of humans and all life is also being raised. Spiritual practices will further increase an individuals frequency; one person awakening will affect the vibration of thousands around them in a favourable manner. Everyone is being swept along with these changes, we can go with it or struggle to stand where we are.

As awakening, or expansion as I like to call it, is happening as a result of increased frequency, we all begin to face different situations than were expected. To give an analogy.... think of a muddy river, we are swimming and playing, some are going against the tide, some are going with the flow, but mostly we are having fun. We are comfortable in there, it is familiar and as humans, we do not like change. Then one day we go down there, and the muddy water is crystal clear..... we can now see what is lurking beneath, all the rubbish that has been disposed of. There are tin cans, broken bottles and rotting discards. It does not seem so inviting..... however this river is part of us, it is our energetic field and we have been playing in it forever. This 'goo' is all the experiences we did not want to deal with at the time and pushed out of sight. Raising our frequencies raises the clarity with which we view life!

One might say, well I do not want to awaken, I would rather stay where I am, in the dark, in the safety of where I am, what I know. Now just imagine, that you have taken another view, you embrace where you are at in this expansion and you decide to really look at all the 'goo' that was once you, is still you. Some of it will be 'nasty' and will make you sad or angry, but as you want to clean your river you pick it up, feel it completely, cry if you need, get angry or laugh; then thank it for the experience that made you who you are today. Do this with each piece as it comes to your attention, remember each piece is you, love it for the experience it gave you and allow it to go in the proverbial rubbish bin. Some pieces will be lost treasures, and you will be so happy to reunite, acknowledge everything and give gratitude and love to allow it to be gone if it has no more to offer you.

Everything we encounter in life is for us, our experience and is designed to be felt. We as humans try to think our way through everything, but it is only with the heart can we really get a full understanding of anything. We close our hearts to prevent us getting hurt when in fact it is that act that holds the emotion and fear in our body, and can become something physical if it is not addressed.

Imagine how beautiful our river will be when we face all we have discarded....

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