It is selfish not to share yourself ....

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As mentioned in an earlier post, I started channeling a little while ago. it is now through prompts from a dear friend and source that I am sharing with you.

I have had some issues in the past where self expression brought ridicule, shame or arguments.....for a long time I have been very passive to the point of no expression of self verbally. I was born a peacemaker and taught that if 'I could not say anything nice, not to say anything at all'. I chose to be quiet, or nice; even when I am alone I do not speak or even sing aloud.

I have been confronted many times lately where voice became essential, is it not amazing how we get nudged and nudged until we give? This was a nudge I was delivered this morning.....

'You have blamed your voice in the past where situations became uncomfortable ... You made the choice to be quiet when in fact to get what you desired out of the experiences you needed to feel it fully. By remaining quiet and choosing not to look deeply, the situation did not evolve into the experience you asked for. Love your voice child, reunite it with your whole being ... It will serve you well, with the respect it deserves.'

'Allow your heart and your voice to work together ... In unison they are an art form ... Let all you are be expressed freely and gracefully ... the voice can be led astray, but not while the heart is open. Your whole being is designed to work with the heart. The mind is also a beautiful gift when working with the heart. ... This was our intention all along but somewhere the human has bypassed the heart and this is where the division from consciousness began. To return to your full self requires love and acceptance of all you are, face every thing in your life through your heart, respond through your heart ... It is glorious ! ‘

It is known on a scientific level that each cell in our body has consciousness, and that consciousness is finely tuned to the sound of our own voice. Positive self talk is very beneficial to the body, and requests made out of love are followed to best of the body's ability. Without verbal dialogue, the body loses some of this resonance, and this can result in a breakdown of understanding. When we say 'I am .....' the words that follow are very important as they tell the body our desires. Negative self talk such as 'I am tired' tells the body that we wish to be tired making us feel even more so. If we say 'I am fat'....the body says, yes ma'am I can help with that.

I get that sometimes we say something that comes out wrong, or our words exacerbate an already tense situation, and this is why it is important to check in with our heart and to speak the truth with love.... without judgement when we can.

I love Don Miguel Ruiz and his teachings of 'The Four Agreements'. These are;

1. Be impeccable with Your Word - (my translation, speak your truth from your heart)

2. Don't Take Anything Personally - (what others say is their opinion, not truth)

3. Don't Make Assumptions - (you do not know where another is coming from or what they have been through - word can be misinterpreted)

4. Always Do your Best - (in all areas of our lives, live with an open heart)

I was told this morning that it is selfish not to share myself and my knowledge, So....

I find my voice and I am sharing from my heart these messages and others as I see fit.

Thank you for finding me here, feel with your heart what resonates and leave the rest. That is my wish for you all.

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