'Trust' is not enough....

When most people speak of Law of Attraction, they use terms like 'trust' and 'expect' that your life will unfold as you desire. This is a great start, but I believe that 'trust' and 'expectation' is saying that 'it still isn't here'. If you had that thing, or experience then trust and expectation are not necessary.

I know, that there is a much deeper understanding that comes from 'trust', and we must start there. First we must trust the law enough to play with it, to learn more about it. We learn by reading and listening, from our mentors and our practice of these ideas, repetition builds the beliefs. Belief is a thought we repeat over and over until it becomes our truth.

KNOWING comes from belief, from understanding at a deep level that this law works, and that as soon as a request is made, it is already fulfilled......no 'trust' or 'expectation' required. The fun part of this law now begins.....finding this 'thing' that we requested.

Finding or allowing comes through adjustment of our frequency. Like a radio station, we must keep moving our dial, our frequency until we come into contact with that said asking.That adjustment is never down, it is a one way dial, always increasing our energy through love and joy, through gratitude, through meditation.....playing in this world with an open heart, 'playing like a child' and having fun is all that is required.

Once we can become aware of our thoughts, we can take control of them, and we can start to live in the moment, not returning constantly to the past or worrying over the future that has not happened yet. Live in the NOW frees us from worry and shifts our vibration immediately. It is also allows us the appreciate and fully live each moment of now, this moment and the next, all in the now.......when we are totally present and giving this moment our full attention we are able to feel the gift it has to offer.

Life on this planet is all about physicality and experience, and there is no other way to ensure you miss nothing that is awaiting you. Living in the NOW is a gift, it is FREEDOM, and it allows us to give our full presence to it.

Judgement of others and situations, of thoughts and things creates lower energies that can rock our world. Judgement is only ever a biased opinion at best and therefore is only ever a slanted view of 'someone else's' situation or thing. Judgement of ourself is a biggie, but again if we can take a look without judging, we can see that we did our best at the time, or that we created 'this', then we also realise that we can change it.

So, my suggestion is that we find the love and respect for ourself and others that we deserve, we live each moment and day as consciously as we can, and truly have fun !! Allow life to unfold knowing that Law of Attraction will fulfil all we desire by doing so.

Our KNOWING makes this so. If you know something different, then Law Of Attraction will make this 'something' so for you. What are you believing that is creating your life, and is it working in your favour ???

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