Trust in yourself......

"My attention this morning was brought towards trust, trust in myself, trust in an experience, trust in another, trust that I am supported.

I sat pondering, how many actually ‘have’ trust these days, absolute and complete trust? Do I trust completely? I have been given much opportunity of late, and although I choose trust, do I really?

I was shown a clear way to test this out, if I asked someone, anyone, a friend, a neighbor or a complete stranger, to do something and they said they would, would I believe without a doubt that it would be done? It need not have been anything huge, just a small task, it could be anything from feeding the cat or passing on a message, the thing is, would I know this that would be done, or would I follow it up just to make sure?

The degree to which you trust this to be done is the degree to which you trust in yourself, remember what you give out is what comes back. If you fully trust that what you asked to be done is done, then by Law of Attraction it must be done. If you fully trust another, they will display this trust to you.

If you do not trust that other, then they are reflecting something to you that you do not trust in yourself, and of course, without trust, it is a sure bet that this person would not do as they said they would, or as you asked, they cannot by the same Law of Attraction.

You may say, ‘but that person has never been reliable’, then you should say thank you, as they have been pointing to you a belief you have over and over without your noticing. We blame others, even get angry, but it is actually us who are bringing these circumstances to ourselves. Anything persistent has a message yet to be heard, or it would be well gone.

Remember we are all one, so not trusting another is not trusting yourself, likewise, trusting yourself is trusting all. Now look at what you are trying to accomplish, obvious now isn’t it , is it working out for you or not?

Can I trust my body? Wow, this is a biggie and where illness comes in. I have been playing with ankle issues for more than 25 years, it HAS been persistent, did I hear it’s message? Obviously not, not completely. Did I trust it to carry me where I want to go? At times, but not completely. Did I trust it to heal? Not completely. You see a pattern here don’t you?

Until we open completely to trust, to knowing, then our beliefs will continue to be reflected back exactly to that same degree.

As many of you know I have become part of the travel industry. This particular business is also about trust, not in the business, the club, or other people, but trust in myself.

When I joined I thought, Wow, great travel at great prices, and I wanted to share it with my friends. What a gift this adventure has been to me, yes, the travel club is all it is said to be, but it is so much more. Who would have thought that the simple process of sharing this would have highlighted so many paths to the unraveling of who I am, and the beliefs that are constricting me.

I am sure every life experience offers this same expansion when viewed from all the perspectives I am now seeing, but the thing is, if we stay in the same box, we don’t see these other perspectives. It takes change in thinking, change in the way we do things, even small changes, to bring real change to perspective and thus expansion of awareness. This could be as little as changing the order in which we complete our daily routine, but if we are brave enough to let go, and jump wholeheartedly into the unknown, challenge our way of thinking, then change comes fast on all levels.

So back to trust, something we must embody to make real and lasting change. We must trust ourselves, know we can be, do or have all we desire, and all others will show that same trust to us. I can see a totally different and beautiful world birthing from this trust, can you? Are you a forerunner, a way shower? A midwife?

So, can I fly? ……. ABSOLUTELY !!!!! Who wants to join me in trust, in birthing the new?"

My desire for each one is to love and trust yourself and so unfold the perfect life for you.

Big hugs. XX

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