Dementia and what it means...

"My Nan turned 100 six months ago, and is in a nursing home with severe dementia, so much so that she remembers nothing. I tell you this is because I connected with her a couple of years ago and she told me something that until now I have not shared. Many of you know I am a channel, I am able to connect to spirit, and to soul, to beings in other dimensions. It surprised and frightened me a little when I connected with my grandmother, fearing she had passed. You see, many of us believe channels can only connect with the dead, but all living beings have a non physical self as well as the meat suit we call us, so as long are there is no resistance from the person we are trying to connect with, then communication occurs.

Chatting with my Nan through channel was the most delicious experience I have had as a channel, I was able to speak clearly with her without her physical confused mind obstructing the flow. What she told me was even more beautiful. I know that we each write our life script before we enter this life, not all the details (as we have free will while embodied) but the basic outline, so Nan’s true self, her higher self, knew she was to live a long life, and that she would require someone to care for her before she passed, these were some of the experiences her soul desired in this life before it moved on. My Nan has always been a very private and independent lady, her higher self knew that nursing care would be unbearable for her, so it chose to use dementia as a way for the physical Nan, to endure, to make easier her life in these later years. You see, without her physical mind in full operation, she is living in a state of now and not bothered by anything around her. Being in the state of now, means she is open to ‘all that is’, her connection to source, God and the non physical world is at it’s peak. Most of us have interacted with someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and we see them staring into space or we hear them speak as if they are children, or about things that happened many years ago, and we think they have lost their mind. The truth is they are actually connecting with passed family and friends and interacting with them in real time. In the words of my Nan, “ how do you expect me to know what is going on here (as in the physical) when I am on the other side playing with my mummy and daddy and my brothers and sisters.” My Nan’s mother died when she was just 12 years old, and her life was very difficult after that, she was the eldest daughter and took care of her family, cooking, washing and cleaning until the family were split up and farmed out. It is no wonder, that now she is able, she is taking the time to enjoy what she lost at a young age. “Dementia actually means dancing between dimensions” according to Nan. It is a coping mechanism but much more than that, it is a transition period between physical life and death, where they, the ones who choose it, get to play and reacquaint themselves with the nonphysical. It is not the sad state of affairs we think it is. So there you have it, believe it or not, but I assure you this knowing has brought me much peace of mind and heart, knowing that my Nan is not locked inside her body and mind, and wasting her days away waiting to die. Why it has taken me more than 2 years to share, I don’t know, either I wasn’t ready or you were not ready to hear it. I trust that those of you who also have loved ones affected by memory loss, find some peace in this sharing. My love to you all."

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