We are always safe ...

As many of you know, the planetary energy of this year, but particularly the last few months has been potent and forcing us to face unresolved beliefs that no longer serve us. Humanity is awakening, and with the raising of consciousness, clarity of self will be revealed.

Today, a big fear revealed itself, fear for my personal safety while travelling alone. Why has it just appeared after months of fun and freedom? Have I taken on the beliefs of others or was it waiting until I was more equipped to handle it?

We must remember who we are to know how safe we really are …

Firstly, in oneness, we are all one divine being, we are existence itself, pure consciousness, our experience of individuality is an illusion. As one being there is no other to hurt us.

Secondly, we are sovereign creators, meaning we create our own lives in their completeness, every aspect, every interaction and experience. Our life is a projection of our energy, shaped by our thoughts and beliefs, translated by our senses into what we call physical reality.

If we take the stance of individuality, each person being separate, then sovereignty means that no other can do anything to us unless we allow it, it is only our own energy that creates our world. Sovereignty can be hard to believe, and many I have spoken with do not want to accept that they have created their lives, “why would I choose this?” is a common response. It is not however, until we acknowledge our role as creator and lose the victim mentality, that we unleash our power to recreate ourselves.

Thirdly, we ourselves write our life script, and all others in our life are just playing roles we invited them to play. As the author we have the ultimate say in what occurs. If we don’t like where our situation is heading, then we can change it, so long as we believe we have the power to do so. Do you know how powerful you are?

With the power of perception, we have the choice to see a situation through the lens of joy, of expansion or we can choose something less empowering. Each situation becomes good or not by the way we perceive it. If at first a situation feels uncomfortable, then look for alternative meanings. I like to say, “how would the creator translate what has happened?”

Fourth, ‘Law of Attraction’ says we get what we focus on. If I believe I live in a safe world, full of beauty, of fun and adventure then that is what I will encounter, focus is my rudder. I get to choose. As focus is a major tool in creation, I choose not to watch television, especially the news channels as it simply does not serve my view of the world I desire and live in.

Number five, if all else fails, and I meet the death experience, then I know it was my choosing. I am reunited with my whole most divine self and a new adventure begins. I know life is external and therefore death has no need to be an ordeal to be afraid of, but a turning of the page, a new chapter.

Awareness of self is key, what are we thinking and focusing on? Until we are aware of our thoughts and deliberately choose them, our subconscious mind runs our life and change cannot happen. Intention and focus, accompanied by gratitude and wonder are important in creating the life we desire. We must believe we are powerful creators to allow that power to flow.

In the words of Abraham, “We know who you are so we have no doubt, now fake it until you know it too”

So step into your power with me and let’s go play! The better it gets, the better it gets!

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