The New Human

The New Human

2016 has been an incredible year for everyone, incredible in that it has brought a monumental amount of change, incredibly good for some and not so for others. We look around and see this reflected in world politics, in Europe with brexit, our own elections here in Australia and now in the US. We see it in the unrest around the globe with riots and fighting. On our planet we have witnessed an increase in earthquakes, volcanoes and unusual weather patterns. We see people around us scrambling to make sense of their personal situations, relationships changing, people acting out of character and financial unrest.

Earth’s core frequency has steadily increased from 7.83Hz during the 1980’s to 12.60Hz in 2012 and still rising. The placement of Earth in relation to other planets in our solar system also alter Earth’s frequency, as does the sun and the moon, evidenced in the moon’s relationship with our tides. The whole universe is tied together, and one affects all. This year there has been some amazing planetary alignments and super moons, not to mention eclipses and solar flares.

Earth’s increased frequency encourages our frequency to raise, in turn our increased frequency then summons an increase in Mother Earth. Any change in individual frequency affects those in proximity, we have all witnessed how one person can make a room come alive or sober it.

Earth and humanity are awakening as frequency or consciousness shifts, some welcome this with excitement while others who have no idea what is going on move into disarray, or fear.

We are beginning to see things differently and discover all that has made us who we are. We see or feel the limitations we have placed on ourselves individually and collectively through beliefs, judgment, victimization of self and other, and perception. We know our beliefs create our lives, so to become an expanded version of ourselves, and go with the increase in frequency that we are being called to, we must release any and all that is keeping us small. Our increased frequency is like a sieve, separating all that needs our attention and putting it out in front to be seen and healed. This year has been a year of truth, of clearing and release, of healing and preparation.

I personally I have had a massive year with a completely new, real self emerging, hungry to understand what it means to be ‘me’, and integrating this with being human, navigating and creating the life I desire in real time.

Deep understanding comes through a respect and love for self, being fearless in standing in my power, for being true to myself even if it appears out of character. It means knowing that I am part of something much bigger than I can even try to imagine, something that creates worlds, something that is each and every one of us, and everything on this planet and beyond, and as such, I am part of the one, as are you all. It means knowing that I create my whole life, every interaction, every experience, that I am responsible for the creation of self, my so called past, present and my future, and as such am not a victim in any way. All of life supports me even if it appears otherwise. I know I am not limited in any way, and when I fully embody this, life will truly be that of fairytales. Anything I can imagine I already am, anything yet to be imagined will be. Every experience creates an asking, my higher self immediately becomes that asking, and when I am in alignment with this higher self through love, joy, excitement or peace, through playing and following my heart, this asking is realized. Synchronicity and physical manifestation is evidence of this alignment.

I am not the body, the body is the vehicle of choice to experience this life, I am the consciousness that drives it. If the body is my vehicle, the brain and thus thought belongs to the vehicle, and is not part of ‘me’, but a useful tool to perceive this life experience. Most thoughts perceived are not new thought but recycled from the collective, my frequency aligning me with thoughts of matching frequency. Thought alone is at best unreliable, and only to be trusted if it is accompanied by uplifting feelings, negative thought is not true if it makes me feel bad.

The physical heart, although part of the vehicle, is a major energy centre producing sixty times more energy than the brain, and is a bridge to consciousness, higher self and source itself. (Consciousness doe not reside in the brain) My heart is my barometer to alignment, if I feel great, I am in alignment with my higher self and all that is, if I feel unease or lower emotions, then I am seeing life differently to what my higher self knows is true. It is through my heart that I connect for advice, intuition and channel.

In trying to unravel my truth, I have come to many conclusions. I have witnessed myself going round in circles while attempting to understand universal truth, while trying to makes sense of my experiences, why they happened, what each experience was here to teach me, or why experiences continue to persist. I wanted to justify my actions, words and emotions. I wanted to explain every situation and the reasons behind them. In short, everything had to be examined. I had become a victim of my mind.

What if I just accepted that everything that happens is a gift from me to me, and my perception of each gift is true or not by the way I feel. If I feel bad, then I can either find a new perspective which allows me to feel good, or I can simply choose to feel good anyhow, knowing that if I need more clarity around the gift that it will become aware to me at the appropriate time. We tend to think we need to make physical sense of things, when in actual fact, direct understanding is delivered to consciousness and higher self through energetic resonance. I am consciousness, not the physical body.

Health again pertains to the body, the vehicle. As consciousness I am always perfectly healthy, and if the body has dis-ease, then realizing it belongs to the vehicle gives us enough separation to look at the issues from a different perspective. By not ‘owning’ the illness, it becomes easier to release and change the energy around it.

I move forward into my future each moment at a time, remaining present and in the present, living as the conscious driver of my body, feeling my way towards experiences that open my heart and allow me to experience all I came here to enjoy. I welcome all experience knowing that my expansion and asking comes through it. My joy aligns me with all that is and delivers to me my every desire. I am the new human, here on Earth to play in the realms of the physical, and by ‘being’, allow others to do the same.

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