Parable of Heart and Mind

I believe we came into this world to experience the physical through feeling. We came equipped with our Body, our Heart and our Mind, and a set of physical Senses with which to explore.

The Heart is for experiencing, for feeling, and is the generator, it supplies the energy required for manifesting in each new moment of now. The Senses are relays, they send signals of data to the Mind for processing about our experience and our surroundings. The Mind is the steering wheel, and in conjunction with the Heart is our guidance system.

When we feel good, we are in alignment with Creator, when we don’t, we are not seeing the experience as Creator does. All things and experience are neither good nor bad, our perception creates our experience. We are given free will and choice to find what excites us most. All things and experiences are created out of love and gifted to us for our expansion and discovery of self.

So the Mind’s job is to say, “ooooh, that felt good, Heart liked that, let’s find more experiences that are uplifting”, or “no, that didn’t feel so good, Heart didn’t find that exhilarating, so let’s go explore something different”.

When the Heart and the Mind work together, a wonderful union occurs. When the Mind is focused towards a desire and Heart is in agreement all sorts of chemicals are released in the Body that bring the whole Body into alignment and a joyful disposition, the Heart is connected to All That Is, energy is released through the Heart and the whole Body, and the magic of creation happens. If we maintain our frequency, through joy and love, our manifestations become physical.

(For example; The Mind says I would like the experience of an ice cream, the Heart says, that would be a wonderful experience, sure, lets do it. The Mind focuses the idea, the Heart produces the impetus, the energy required for manifesting, then ideas arise such as,“we should go to the shop”. Just as we, the whole being opens the front door, an ice-cream van drives by; co-incidence or manifestation, Law of Attraction in action? We look at the flavors and the choice of cones, Mind is busy with imagination now, all our Senses are busy, we choose. According to what felt best, our feelings via the Heart, what we most desired, was the double choc waffle cone. )

This arrangement was incredible, Heart was open and singing to all the new experiences that were relayed through the senses, and Mind (keeper of the brain) kept finding and steering them through clear focus towards more and more, some joyful, some not so, but they kept looking for the ones, the experiences that were pleasing. Even in familiar territory, there was much to be found, new perspectives brought new experiences, looking with intent to find something magical, always delivered.

Then the Mind started to realize that it was he that was the front man, he had the say in what was experienced, it was he who focused, he had ultimate control. Instead of working or playing with Heart and Senses, he started to focus more on himself. “I am the one who is most important here”. As he is the Mind, (and after all, it was he who had the ability of focus and access to data from the Senses) he started to use Brain to think.

He began looking more and more into himself, he started to question everything. He was not content with simple choices anymore, so instead of following what felt good through feeling, he wanted to know the ‘why’s’ and the ‘when’s’ and the ‘what’s’. He had a fair experience with happy, he began to focus on things that felt uncomfortable. If he could understand them, he could eliminate them.

By now, mind had become quite arrogant, as the ruler of the vehicle, the Body, he would never consider consulting the Heart, who had access to Inner Self and possible competition, so he bumbled around on his own.

Of course, Heart knew that when things are pleasing they are in alignment with the original intention to explore experience with curiosity and joy, and locate through contrast all that gives expansion. Heart also knew that she could find her understanding of creation through unity, playing with Mind and Senses to attract and manifest any desires.

Now with Mind doing his own thing, Heart had no choice, she must follow and try to convince him otherwise, of course Mind wouldn’t listen. Mind’s why was so big, he explored every thought; why was this experience this way; what happened; they are fools; it must have come from my childhood, or a past life. I have to get to the bottom if this!

Deeper and deeper the Mind went, dragging Heart and Senses with it, all feeling so uncomfortable and desperate. No matter how deep Mind dug, he was never satisfied, experience after experience, all the time feeling worse and worse. Heart was hostage, even she was feeling hopeless, in a Body that was now so disconnected from it’s original intent that all seemed lost.

It was only at night, when the Mind rested and the physical Senses slept, that Heart was given any reprieve. Heart in these hours connected with Soul, played in the majesty of creation, of love and joy, of unity and it was this that kept her alive, but of course Body was not able to go.

Mind continued like this for many years, now believing Heart’s only duty was to pump blood to keep him alive. “It is through hardship that I am respected”, and as this had become his focus, that is what filled his hours.

Body was deteriorating, Heart was broken and Mind continued, still believing that ease would come through understanding. Victim mentality had begun to take over: I cannot help this; they are doing this to me; I am jinxed; I cannot change; it is not my fault. One day soon after, so confused and devoid of hope, he simply crumpled and gave up!

This could be a sad tale taken to the grave, but in that moment, when the Mind relaxed, Heart remembered who she was, and knocked on Mind’s door. “Do you remember me”, and gave him a hug.

You see, Heart being connected to source, All That Is through love and joy, knows that it is this love and joy that creates worlds. She never holds grudges, that is Mind’s doing.

Their friendship was rekindling. Mind in his weakened state went into the places Heart led him, into the deep recesses he had slammed shut. Heart opened the door to better times, stories of joy, of laughter, of love and abundance. Mind went there too. For the first time in a long while, they all started to feel better.

As the friendship grew, Mind became more trusting. He even began going on adventures with Heart. Life was starting to reflect this rekindled unity, Senses were discovering again the thrill of experimenting with new things, Heart was singing and connecting not only with Mind, but more surely with All That Is. Even Body was looking and feeling healthy again.

Mind was still curious and wanted to know ‘why’, but now he had a new focus. He was discovering himself through the whole. What is unity and why is it so important? What is creation and how does it work? What has joy got to do with it? You see he could now see, how working together had changed everything.

So my dear friends, we are here with joy to experience life in the physical, and through contrast, discover who we are.

Who we are is not the Mind, or the Heart, or the Body in separation, we are a Community.

I am my Whole Creator Self, All That Is, my Inner Self, Soul, my Energetic Body, the Mind, the Heart, and the Body, itself being a community of living Cells, each with it’s own consciousness. Add to that my alternate Selves, I am quite an impressive unit, and so too are you. Then there is Humanity as a whole, and all of creation on this Earth and beyond, then other dimensions. In unity we have access to it all, in Oneness it is all me.

Together, be it the whole personal Me, or all of humanity, focusing together towards our personal and combined desires is the only way to create the world we are longing for.

Whatever we believe and focus towards, it shall be; this is my truth. You are free to believe or contemplate my words or ignore them completely, but I do urge you to play with your heart with clear focus and give it a go.


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