Can all 'Our' Energy Be Used Up?

I had been asking about different healing modalities, their frequencies and also if we have our own energy field. This channel came in response.

“Indeed it is all source, you give the energy a name, perhaps you call it ‘reiki’ and you limit it to what you know it is. It is confined now, by the rules and procedures you have placed on it. This goes for all modalities, in fact, all things. You create a description, a story around it (or you) and then it is shaped by that story.

All healing modalities, in fact, all energy is source (and every thing is energy), and left alone it is beyond your mental understanding of power, it is infinite in potential and form. Even that which you call electricity, is source contained to a particular strength and transmitted through channels you have believed necessary, the wires in your home and across your country.

Your beliefs are essential in your using of these frequencies, in that, you can or can’t depending on your openness. You, as a race, tend to need logic to allow it’s flow, if it doesn’t make sense it is rejected. If you yourself are not a trained practitioner, you believe you need someone to administer it for you, and if that is your belief, then it is so.

You Suzi, believe you are a Reconnective Healer, and a fine one you are, but you are channeling source. The more open and unrestricted are your beliefs and stories, the easier, the quicker, the more powerful and effective the flow will be.

This must also include the receiver, the client, his openness and whether the ailment has served it’s purpose will be a factor. If he still has something to gain from the condition, no amount of ‘healing’ will successfully release it. A small reprieve may be gained, but the condition will surely return if it still has something to offer his highest good.

Now, energy, all energy comes from source in varying degrees, and it is always shaped by the conduit, the persons through which it flows, you are always receiving, and always emanating, it is in your field, but not you …. ‘you’ can never be used up. You may label some of this energy as ‘yours’ but in truth it is source flowing through you. Energy, like all things, always ‘is’, it cannot ‘not’ exist, and new energy is never formed, it’s all source, and, it is flow. Someone may proclaim they have discovered a new frequency in your atmosphere, it is still source and although it is not familiar, it is not new. Humanity’s awakening, openness, has allowed beings to ‘see’ differently, and identify things for the first time. Your beliefs create, they allow.

Scientists say our bodies produce energy, but in actuality, they are flowing energy. There is a transfer in all it’s actions, your cells don’t produce energy, they know how to flow it. The heart is your direct link to source, and as such flows huge amounts that can be recorded as electromagnetic energy by your doctors.

Some beings, light up more than others, this is not because they produce more energy, it is because they flow more. There are an infinite range of frequencies, and together they are source, individually they are source, just like the colors of the rainbow can be separate or come together to form white light..

So, an individual with an open heart and mind flows more of the higher range of frequencies than perhaps, others. It does not mean that the lower frequencies are not source, it means that those frequencies have been filtered from the whole by the vibrational focus of the person concerned. Neither is better than the other, but one will produce, as you would say, a more delightful outcome. Using the rainbow, you would be a particular colour range and a more sombre individual would be something completely different. Both are flowing source, different aspects or frequencies, and at different rates of flow.

When one speaks of ‘dark’ energies, they are referring to conglomerations or clumps of lower frequencies, brought together by Law of Attraction through man’s fear, however these clumps, are still source energy, and can be reunited, integrated with the whole spectrum when fear is released.

When a person is feeling drained, if he is feeling low in energy, it is for no other reason than he has restricted his flow by his beliefs. He may say he has worked hard, but that is no reason for his state, manual labor is only taxing on the energy because he believes it is, it is his expectation. Source is infinite, unlimited, and accessible in every moment.

To say you are using up your energy is a belief that does not serve, the energy is source and can flow as fully as you allow.

If you wake tired after a sleepless night, know you can refresh yourself in no time. It is not that your body was not immobile enough to renew, it is that you have beliefs around this that limit your flow. The main reason you need sleep is to release the filter of your physical mind so you can play uninhibited in the non-physical, to connect with who you really are.

Your physical needs sustenance, but hello, we are the sustenance. All food is broken down to specific frequencies to feed your cells, these same frequencies are available directly, again, you must believe. We are not trying to talk you out of your food, it is a delicious part of your physical-ness, but it is not as necessary as you believe.

Everything in your world, and beyond is energy, every thing, it is source, all else is illusion. When you, as humanity really know this, and really know the importance of your thought and emotion, then your world will open up.

My advice is, continue to release your stories, about you, about your life, about your world, and watch with glee as it transforms."

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