Alignment First

Today I am feeling less than my vital self, and realize I need to take my own advice to stop thinking and BE.

It’s difficult to put into words what I am feeling, especially as words cannot convey accurately. It’s difficult to 'not' put into words also, as I want to share and this is the most accepted way. Energy is the most authentic sharing, not all can read it accurately, yet. Is wanting to share egoic? It dep

ends whether the sharing is coming from joy, from service or need, lack, wanting corroboration, justification. Not judging myself now, just spilling what is swirling.

Thinking from alignment, or thinking from the brain, from habit, from the human perspective is much different. When in alignment, we don’t think the thoughts, we receive them, so in this higher vibration, our soul’s mind, our higher mind, is communicating TO us, it is inspired thought, it is inspiration.

From the human perspective, non-alignment, when we think; we are usually addressing something active in our life, and depending on whether our reaction is good or bad, our vibration is somewhere between high and low. Thoughts are rallied together according to frequency, so when we think, we are calling forward thoughts on the same subject and vibration that we are emitting. These thoughts are always recycled thoughts from other humans or past experience (once a thought exists it always does), and most often they do not serve in our expansion, or give lasting solutions to where we are at.

I am continually asking, “Where did this thought come from” and “does it serve my highest good”. If the answer is “no”, I don’t give it any more of my time … unless I do (ha ha, yes I am still human). Old habits die hard (so do these beliefs), but empowering and consistent action or non-action, inspired thought or non-thought, does deliver easy results.

This morning I have been ruminating over the amount of interaction, or lack there of in my Facebook group, and have been pulling thoughts from the matrix in regard to what I can do to increase it, but also, thoughts on why I am not supported (or loved) more. (Yes, these disempowering thoughts still sneak in, especially when we present other than our true self).

I could go on about ‘woe me’ and be the victim, or I could see the truth of it. I cannot be a powerful creator and a victim. Things are perfect, what I experience is a reflection of where my separation is, and is serving my highest good. I am not trying to get sympathy or point blame; there is no blame, although a bruised ego will still try. I appreciate each one of my group members for where they are at, and playing these roles for me. I know they are busy with their own lives, as am I. I know that even though Facebook has changed how much it shares, what I post does reach those that have a clear and true asking.

When I make things personal, I hurt myself; I become the victim and lose my power to create effectively. My human self craves interaction, craves recognition, and craves sharing on all levels to feed it.

My soul self is smiling, content that I am expanding through the contrast, and patiently waiting, calling me back to alignment where only joy awaits.

I am more and more in the high frequencies, where my inner self resides, and the ventures ‘out’ are becoming briefer, and more subtle but starker in contrast, and very important for my continuing expansion.

My intention is to always share from my alignment, in life and in my group. I feel joy in knowing that my alignment and the frequencies I am, are assisting those I interact with, in fact all humanity, in finding balance, and easing the bumps for at least someone (there I go with lack again).

My income has been sporadic, from great to zilch, and this has been both a downward spiral, pulling me into fear, and my greatest teacher as I learn to overcome it. As I see it, it is self-sabotage, the human aspect, the ego me, trying to protect me from losing my identity. Fear returns me to the third dimension, and away from real change, safe, or so it believes.

Planetary energy is high and shaking me up, however to blame this too, is victim mentality. The gifts that increased frequency bring, can only be accessed when we empty the ‘crap’ first, so empting continues.

Fear ALWAYS comes from victim or shortage thinking, a lack of self love, and does not exist in the frequencies of our true, or inner self. The thing is, we CAN be in the higher dimensions NOW, and maintain our human identity, our body, in a much more satisfying and joyful way than we ever could in our old belief systems. In the fifth dimension, identity is a non-issue, we just are, and are happy about it.

I, we, are NEW humans, and when we can finally break free of fear, to love ourselves in our wholeness, then we get to experience these new offerings, these new perspectives, the joy and freedom of our authenticity and all the goodies this brings, and wonder, what all the fuss of the 3D was all about.

When living amongst our 3D family, it is easy to get sucked down, to feel we need to justify our actions and thoughts or lack thereof, their fear for us, perhaps their judgment. This justification comes from a need for approval, and again, the human aspect of us, from fear, a lack of self-love.

So it’s time for alignment, to release the need to do anything before we reach this alignment, to get out of our head and into our heart. It’s time to feel our way through life, choosing joy, to BE, and in so doing, let our inner soul self guide us in thought and action.


  • If it’s coming from fear, it’s not alignment.

  • If we feel bad or uncomfortable, it’s not alignment.

  • If it’s hard or uphill, it’s not alignment.

  • The more often we are in alignment, the easier and easier it is to get back there again.

  • When we find alignment, our balance assists those around us to meet us there.

  • BE by example

  • Words often cloud the situation.

  • Love always heals, bodies and relationships, all things.

I like to use the ho’oponopono mantra for healing every thing; it doesn’t need to be directed at anyone or anything, just repeated until I feel a shift in my energy.

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

As always, I love and appreciate me and my life, and all those beautiful souls who choose to co-create with me, to share this wondrous existence.

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