The Magic of Health

The body has the remarkable but natural ability to heal it self, we see it all the time with cuts and bruises, but that is about as far are we are able to trust it.

We have grown up in a culture where fear around disease and infection runs rampant, where hidden germs are waiting to destroy us, where a bottle of pills or worse, surgical removal is required to treat our symptoms. We eat or avoid all sorts of food, while we readily ingest supplements and drugs fabricated in a laboratory.

We, let’s face it, have been brainwashed into the beliefs that we are vulnerable, that we are victim to all these unseen but deadly forces, and that life is but a short stretch with our family and loved ones, then it’s all gone, something over which we have no control.

So how do we change what seems apparent? Many of us want improved bodily conditions, many of us are not prepared to go down the road of the established medical practices at first, but in the face of something seemingly serious, everything seems overwhelming. The medical establishment relies on fear, to lure us in, and the thought that this one precious life can be whisked away without even a fighting chance, and the possibility (or assuredness of the doctor) that it will be increasingly painful, is too much for our now scattered or chaotic brain to manage. Fight the established and well ingrained beliefs, and the fear, or take what seems easier, the medical route.

When we begin to understand who we really are, when we get out of our rational intellect, and the rational (or irrational) beliefs system many of us grew up with, when we let go of needing scientific proof, when we start to trust our self, our intuition, when we connect with our truth, our heart, we start to realize there is more to us, more to life than first thought.

Our bodies are a veritable city of trillions of conscious cells, that’s right, every cell has its own consciousness, and it’s intention is always towards wellbeing. However, our bodies are the physical expression of our beliefs, and our cells listen to everything we think and say, every sound we speak reverberates through our body, changing its vibration and giving commands. As a consequence, instead of wellbeing, we give commands like, ‘I’m tired” or ‘I’m fat’, or ‘I am in so much pain’, which the body says, ‘yes ma’am’ to, and adjusts it’s wellbeing to suit our symptoms.

We get stressed which leads to digestion issues, or heart problems, and instead of addressing the stress, we take remedies or potions, or whatever the medical profession recommends. This is great in the short term, we rid our self of symptoms, but the cause is still there, so relief is only short term. We didn’t heal, we just avoided the pain.

“ ... your stomach need not bother you - or, more clearly, you need not bother your stomach, for that is the problem’s secret.” **

If we believe our only avenue is the doctor, then we should take it, as nothing else will work unless our beliefs change.

This is where an open mind and creative thinking comes in, we have to believe there are other ways, and often people don’t come to this place, until they have exhausted all traditional forms of health care.

Through my years of study, through the practice of a diverse range of alternative therapies (although therapy is not quite the right word, as it refers to something as a treatment, and not a permanent remedy), I know that things are not what they seem.

Our bodies are energy, as is everything else in our existence, science knows this, can break everything down to atoms or smaller, and see this. We know that the body has an electromagnetic field, measurable by monitors. We know our body has an aura, it can be seen with Kirlian photography. Science knows that there is an energetic field in the so-called space around us, the Zero Point field, and that it is not empty but full of high vibrational light and information, of sound that is not detectable to the physical human senses, that reacts directly with our DNA. This light and information communicates with our cells through the DNA, universal information that, if it were it not for our thought, would keep us in perfect vitality.

As energetic beings, we have a frequency, this frequency will reduce when we are stressed, or in a less than happy and content state. With lowered frequencies, the cells begin to get stressed, and if left unattended will develop into illness. Energy-healing techniques work by giving the body an influx of high frequency, to restore the depleted balance, allowing the body to heal. I must add here, that love is a very high frequency, so if we can give our self, love, on a regular basis, we will maintain a happy and healthy frequency and body. A big helping of love will restore balance to lower frequencies.

We are a veritable energy field, interacting with a much larger energy field, and wellbeing is not just programmed into our cells, but is the overall program of all existence. Without interference from thought and fear, we would remain healthy, for as long as we choose to.

As I mentioned earlier, our body is an expression of our thoughts, and as such, if we wish to change something in or about our body, we must change the way we think.

Firstly, we are not victims to anyone, or anything, ever. We always have a choice, we can agree or not agree with the norm, we can be deliberate in our thinking and in our actions, we can create our own beliefs individual to mass agreement, we can be authentic or we can be clones. If we choose to believe we are victims, we will see lots of proof to back us up. If we believe we are sovereign and powerful creators, then we will be supported in that also, Law of Attraction makes it so.

We are infinite beings, we decided to come here and experience this life, we chose when we wanted to come, we chose our sex, we designed and continue to design our body, we chose our parents, and every aspect of our placement and we will choose when we are ready to leave and how. We also get to choose everything in between.

We have our Inner Self, our Soul, that energetic and much larger portion of us. We are always communicating, we ask for what we desire, our Inner Self plays a game with us, similar to the hot and cold game we played as a child, through our emotions. When we feel good, when we are happy or loving, we are moving towards our desires, when we are feeling uncomfortable, sad, angry or anything less than good, we are moving away, and of course, it is our thinking that creates our emotions. If we are in fear, then we are thinking about the future and what could, or might go wrong, our inner self knows that these thoughts are not creating the life, or indeed the body we want, and we feel bad.

If we think we need protection from the world, then we believe we are a victim, and cannot create the life we want from this place. We really have to let go of all fear, and believe in our self, if we want to experience our power and the magic of ‘us’.

Intuition and inspiration comes from our Inner Self, thoughts that seem to come to our mind out of nowhere, left field as we say, those thoughts that leave us wondering where they came from, but excited. Listen to these, pay attention, for they are worth following. We hear or know of people who are clairvoyant, or receive information from the other side, mediums and psychics, and I can tell you that all this behavior is ‘normal’ to us all, but our mind filters everything out that doesn’t fit the reality we believe we live in. We have to open our minds first, to witness the extraordinary.

When we believe in our power, when we believe we have an innate ability to heal, to actually create all aspects of our life, then we are able to witness and use this power in ways previously unimagined. Through changing the beliefs that stand as obstacles to our health, we allow our body to do what it knows best, find wellbeing, and sometimes very, very, quickly.

If we created us, then we can recreate our self in a healthy and vital state. Our body knew how to grow in the womb, why would it not know how to restore it self?

“The body is quite capable of healing itself completely, and with far greater ease than you give it credit for.” **

“Rupert did not have to do anything in particular, for example, of a conscious nature, except to state his intentions, and the body’s healing mechanisms immediately quickened. This is because he began to take the pressure off, so to speak, and really began to understand the abilities and limitations of the rational mind in its relationship to the body.

Rupert’s body is repairing itself now at an excellent rate. It is doing so because he is giving it different ‘orders’. He is giving it a different picture of the world, and he is doing that because he has finally changed many of his old beliefs.

In actuality, the body’s response to such information is always instantaneous, whether or not the results show at once. Rupert is beginning to hold a more ‘realistic’ picture of how overall reality works. He is managing to disentangle himself from many disadvantageous cultural beliefs - beliefs that both of you for years, like other people, took for granted.” **

I believe in the magic that is each one of us, although, this magic is more normal than the limited perspective that we have been led to believe. I have and continue to witness this so called magic in my own life, in all aspects, and indeed with the body. Magic is natural.

“The natural person is to be found, now, not in the past or the present, but underneath layers and layers of official beliefs, so you are dealing with an archeology of beliefs to find the person who creates beliefs to begin with. As I have said often, evidence of clairvoyance, telepathy, or whatever, are not eccentric, isolated instances occurring in man’s experience, but are representative of natural patterns of everyday behavior that become invisible in your world because of the official picture of behavior and reality.

The body’s natural healing processes each day rid people of diseases, repair emotional or bodily illnesses - and such instances go largely unrecorded.” **

Dr Eric Pearl speaks about Reconnective Healing:

“When the body is overwhelmed, it may need an “injection” of outside stimulus that helps return the body to balance. This injection can take many forms – a pharmaceutical remedy providing the body with a missing chemical compound; vitamins and supplements replenishing the nutrients the body is lacking; acupuncture and chiropractic treatments that unblock the system’s energy flow; or a lifestyle change that infuses one’s days with comfort and ease. Some of these “injections” are more familiar to us than others, and some make more sense to us than others, given our education and culture, but they all are effective treatment options – different paths leading to the same destination of health and wellness.

In the case of pharmaceuticals or supplements, the matter is straightforward: Replace the missing substance, and the body process will return to normal. In the case of the mind-body-spirit forms of healing, however, the approach is less about adding the missing puzzle piece and more about facilitating an overall state of wellness. The basic idea here is that illness is dis-ease – a state of imbalance or dissonance in the body; so when we activate a state of balance and harmony, the illness naturally will fade away.

There are a wide range of holistic treatment options available for bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance – yoga, tai chi, qi gong, chiropractic, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology, massage, and so on. Some of these therapies are movement-based; others are touch-based; and still others are energy-based. Regardless, all of these therapies operate on the basic principle that through creating the optimal conditions for the mind, body, and spirit to come back into alignment, imbalances will self-correct, and the body, will self-heal. The Reconnection shares the basic objective of returning the body to balance. It distinguishes itself from these other modalities, however, by circumventing the poses, needles, meridians, and techniques, and instead it directly taps into the universal healing intelligence – that same intelligence that enables the body to self-heal from a cut.

Through accessing and transmitting healing frequencies, without preconceived notions of what is “wrong” or what needs to be changed and how, Reconnective Healing is able to facilitate healings that transcend the limitations of our own preconceptions. And so people around the world have reported healings from illnesses that doctors said were incurable.

We are so much more powerful than we know.”

If we go down the route of energy healing, we have to be open minded enough to let it in, whether we believe it completely or not, we just have to get out of our way.

If our illness is serving us in some way, then it will not heal under any circumstance until we no longer need it. For example, someone who has no self worth and feels unloved, may have created, from these low feelings, and low vibration, a serious illness, unconsciously of course, and because the illness draws attention to them, people, doctors, nurses, and loved ones who rally around, they are being fed what they need to heal, not just the medicine, but the love, however, until they start to feel better about themselves, the illness will linger.

Our thoughts are this powerful, so it is important to address our feelings, our emotions, and our beliefs to live a loving, happy and healthy life.

Quotes (**) from: The Magical Approach, A Seth Book by Jane Roberts

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