Feelings Determine Your Truth

Seth on Feelings, Channeled by Suzi Cobden, 21 March 2018

"When you are sad, it is because you think you are ‘missing’ something, looking at or feeling lack, you are sad because you are not in alignment, you are sad because your higher self knows that you are not lacking. Your lack is different than your truth, and your split in energy makes you feel sad.

All potentials, exist right NOW, you are literally all things. If you didn’t feel lack, you could be JOY and have that thing you think you lack right now.

Feeling lack is your inner self, telling you to stop, to look again, to feel again, as it urges you towards your desire. The sadness only aligns you with things of the same vibration, which of course is lack.

When you align with JOY, all things are available to you.

We often hear the pleas of humans, begging for what they lack, and holding these things away. Of course these things exist already, but you cannot see them yet.

We hear you say that it will come in the perfect time and place. The perfect time isn’t according to the clock or calendar, and the perfect place cannot be found on a map. Everything depends on alignment, the perfect time and place is in you, in JOY, in alignment. How soon can you find JOY, find alignment? How soon can you BE and HAVE all you desire.

Remember, ALL is NOW, you have the potential to be aligned NOW, you actually are already fully aligned somewhere in space and time, and you will be, in this physical, when you claim it and feel for it."

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