Infinite Potential

This is the transcript of the channel that came through this morning. Seth had actually been trying to come through for some time earlier, I relented and turned on the light at 4am.

Seth, Channelled by Suzi Cobden, March 21, 2018

"You exist energetically in every, infinite time, infinite space and infinite potential. All potential exists NOW. As soon as there is an asking there is a summoning, a calling forth of that potential.

You ask for something you desire, and the only reason you ask, is to focus your self towards that potential. Your asking is initiated in the mind, and directs your whole being to the desired result. You then, naturally, begin to feel this desire or potential and it becomes more empowered by the moment. Your feeling delivers the energy to make it manifest. There is no time or space, all things are right here, right now in potential, in their energetic nature, and you are locating the already existing potential to fulfill your desire.

Remember, to observe a thing, changes it, begins it’s transmutation into solidity, your expectation shaping the outcome. So through your asking you are now focused towards ‘it’, but you cannot yet see it, so you must feel for it, observe by feeling. Humans have been manifesting their whole world unbeknownst to them, since the beginning of time, but now they try ‘deliberate’ creation, they make it more difficult than it need be.

Since you must feel for it, you ask, ‘what does it feel like’ or ‘I have no idea how to feel it, I haven’t felt this before’ and you create resistance and clutter, and chaos. The imagination can be a great gift, but the un-experienced mind only knows from your linear past and cannot make logic of it. As all time is now, you have already experienced on some level all potentials, be it past or future. You must let go of logic and be open to receive the feeling even if you don’t understand the process. ASSUME you know the feeling, as indeed you do, and FEEL.

Ask; ‘show me the feeling, remind me how it feels’. The longer you can feel ‘it’, the more tangible or solid ‘it’ becomes, the more manifest. (I am reminded of the leaf I saw using Kirlian photography, where even the missing bits were visible energetically).

You are constantly being reformed, and each moment you can choose, and do, a new reality. Human life is like a movie film, lots of individual still photos, with a space in between, flicking past so quickly that it appears continual. You do not change, you remake yourself, in each moment, and in between each moment, there is a moment where you are in the non-physical, playing with us. This remaking of your self, opens the opportunity for you to reappear almost the same as the moment before, or completely different. As you are new in each moment, you do not need to age, you do not need to carry illness forward, you do not need to remain poor. You are never stuck, except by your beliefs.

As you already exist as every potential self (with each potential continuing a life and timeline of it’s own), you choose in each moment which potential, which timeline you wish to physically experience, you can chop and change as much and as often as you wish. When you shift timelines, your past and future shift also, to appear linear and obtain continuity."

I was actually shown other dimensional selves, many, many of them, hundreds, in many different lives, but all right here, all now, in this same space that I exist in, and how just feeling in different ways brought different versions forward. I received the metaphor of a filing cabinet, with all my potential selves all in their own dimension or space time, and easily accessible through slightly adjusting my feeling. Feeling is what opens the cabinet and each particular file.

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