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Having taken a 28 day journey with Suzi, along with some other fabulous women in the group she was mentoring ... I can say without hesitation...WOW..

Whilst we weren't always able to meet at the same time ... it took NOTHING away from the experience of being IN the energy and the love and support/guidance and sharing that Suzi provided and which took place during our sharing in these fabulous days.

Suzi openly shared the love and joy that radiates out from within her, raising the frequencies within the group (which knocked me out in the most fabulous way a few times 😁) and filling the space with the most delicious joy joy joy. 

Suzi’s continuous support held the space for some incredible personal transformations to take place. THANK YOU Suzi Cobden ... YOU ROCK ... and I endorse your words ... ANYONE who feels in need of a "little help from her friends"...take a trip with Suzi ... you won't regret it ... 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤


(My pleasure, it absolutely thrills me to no end to be able to assist others to reach their desires, to ultimately live in the incredible joy that the knowing of who you are delivers. 💜💜💜)


YOU most definitely do that!  ~ Louise F


I really enjoyed our connection across the globe and will miss you. Thank you Suzi for making this wonderful experience happen. Your dedication is amazing and your commitment to joy is infectious. What I learned is that taking time to commit to myself is important and that caring for myself is a commitment to love - something I thought I had realised before! I now feel the emotion. I feel free. Big hugs. ~ Pauline McD


I LOVE LOONEY YOU, Suzi Cobden …🤣😂 Only the best people fall into this category (and I don't mean the mentally disturbed.)

It is COMPLETE  and UTTER madness to desire to be all that we are! Why? Because those that have travelled this road before us have been subjected to THE most horrendous behaviour from those who are in fear of becoming free/liberated/individual/their true selves ...

Only when you know who you are  (ie a Divine aspect of Source in form) are you able to break away from the "conditioning" that we have been subjected too. Only then can you hear the still small voice within guiding and beckoning you to awaken and like the caterpillar .. transform your experience into the butterfly and find your wings and soar above all that, as a race has been holding you and others back!

You Suzi Cobden have done this and so much more...

Bravo and THANK YOU.

You offer those who at this moment feel the stirrings of  TRANSFORMATION yet may have no reference point or understanding what is happening to them ... you are one of THE most wonderful women I know. 

YOU rock.

To have YOU walk along side anyone who feels in need of a friend/spiritual support/guidance/someone to chew the fat with (so to speak) receive an energetic boost/leg up...

You da girl...❤

Genuine, generous, loving, kind, insightful, understanding, compassionate, smart, connected, beautiful....just to mention a few 🤗😍😍


(Awww, thank you, just opening my heart and doing what I am guided to do. Was wonderful walking the journey with you. Xx)


Opening the heart doesn't "just happen". There are many things/experiences we, as souls have been through, some we can recall, some we are experiencing in this life time, some we have buried for good reason (too painful being one reason) and others from trauma and violence/violation we experienced in other life times, which have caused us to close our hearts. Self protection, suffered too much, persecution....the list is endless.

However, we have all come here to "heal" these experiences one way or another, and what is fabulous IS that there exists right here right now people … LIKE YOU SUZI … who have travelled this healing road and have allowed the heart (which isn't the organ) that IS US, the TRUTH of US to open and embrace it all … resisting no thing (nothing), welcoming all that we as individual aspects of the divine have witnessed and experienced, breaking the chains and ropes that we used to shut ourselves down because we just couldn't take any more...

However, after a time of hibernation … comes the time of gentle transformation …  time to blossom and burst out...

That's not easy.

Your journey to being open hearted was steeped in gooey sticky yucky stuff … but you did it … and you are here, and sharing the wisdom with those lucky enough to find you ... BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO, Suzi Cobden!! ❤ ~ Louise F



Suzi, I just love getting on these calls with you. I have stuff going on in my life, and I know I have attracted it, but you can always show me how to use it to empower myself instead of bring me down.


I come on the call with a question or two, but then we start chatting and you bring out all these other questions in me that I didn’t know I had. I so look forward to my weekly call with you, my life feels ordinary and then you show me how magical it is. Your energy is so empowering, so uplifting and I feel alive, every time, for days after our chat. You have given me tools I can use forever.


I can tell you too, that since I made the decision to get guidance and to really REALLY, this time, change, that with your help I have managed to do it. My life is nothing like it used to be, I feel alive and excited instead of dread. I love who I have become. I am forever grateful, and so is my husband. ~ Issabelle A


Dear Suzi

Thank you for drawing out from me all that has been shared 😁

I too, as I'm sure you feel, have deep love and respect for you and all your courage and grace and beauty. 

When we meet someone who has been through life in ways that have "churned up the soil" and I don't mean the crusty top!!😁 but deep down ... you know, and it feels so so good to engage, to connect, share a little bit of that (since its not necessary to tell "all the stories😁") and grow in the direction that our inner being is calling us too ... ITS MAGIC. ❤🤗❤

THANK YOU. I know we chose this and I'm so so happy to be realising it consciously. 

You are a diamond ♦ and in order to be one, you have to have experienced a tremendous amount of pressure. 😊

Bless you and congratulations for overcoming and growing sooo beautifully despite ALL that you have been through.

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ~ LF


I was so completely lost inside of my own thoughts, I didn’t know what was real or not anymore. I had created a life that had me feeling trapped and lifeless. I have Suzi Cobden to thank for my complete shift in focus and perspective, freeing me up to realize myself, and my potential. The change in me was quickly evident, but the change in my relationships and family life is beyond believable. My life started falling into place, my self-confidence returned and I love getting out of bed each morning, I enjoy life. I achieved this in just a couple of months of working with Suzi, her gentle approach, her wisdom and her utter trust in me left no room for doubt. In knowing our power, our power becomes obvious. I am forever grateful, thank you Suzi. ~ Alana F 


"My coaching session with Suzi was great. She is a wonderful listener and helped me right where I am at. She gave suggestions and affirmations which related to me very well. I felt like she reached over to where I was and helped pull me in a more positive direction, a direction of growth. She helped me to see my own idea of myself and my best way to reach that self. Our coaching session helped me to gain some clarity and overcome the fears I had. I notice I am different now, my life has transformed, my energy and outlook have changed and I fully know our session had this effect! It is amazing.

I am so thankful to you Suzi. " Lauren B


Lauren had one single coaching session, and was assisted in it’s integration through 2 or 3 healing sessions, and I must say how impressed I am with her. She applied all that was shared in a positive and consistent way, and her life has dramatically reflected this change. She did the work.


Reconnective healing brings super high frequencies into our field, aligns us with our own Inner Being and Source, and allows balance in all aspects of us, and thus our life. It allows through non-resistance the integration of health, of understanding, and makes the application of this new understanding more possible. Life flows easily and joyfully with our resistance.


Thank you Lauren for being such a wonderful example of what is possible. My love and appreciation to you.



When you wish for change, what kind of change are you looking for? People generally try set ideas and try to force things to happen. What if this never works or if it worked at first and then stops working? Would someone with the ability to find an unexpected path, help? Would someone with the ability to find a completely unknown course, see an unexpected perspective, and with the courage to try these, help? This person is Suzi Cobden.


Time after time, I have seen Suzi choose a path that no one else would be able to see let alone, consider. Finding such a path is a marvel, but Suzi also has the courage and strength to humbly walk it.

Over the years that I have known Suzi, I have seen her tap into ever higher levels of guidance and attain abilities of which few dream. The knowledge Suzi has gleaned, she shares with compassion, and humour at exactly the time needed for growth and insight. 


Always willing to help others in a kind and thoughtful manner, Suzi is an excellent coach and guide. ~ Rose C





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          Jackie is one happy client,

          as you can see for yourself.

         "My life is exploding in a really good and

          positive way, so thank you so very very much"













Suzi has been so amazing to work with. She has been the catalyst for some really deep healing in all areas of my life. Her energy, gentle guidance, patience, love, understanding, and support allow these changes to happen in a very uplifting way. It is not always easy to release everything but Suzi is always there to help me walk through whatever I am feeling and offers support and most importantly, without judgement, just love and gentle guidance to help me get back on track.



In the few months I have been working with her, its been amazing the progress I have made, how many wonderful changes in my life she has helped me realize, I have certainly changed my outlook on the way I view life. It’s not always easy to find someone who won't judge you and is so easy to work with. She very accommodating and is always incredibly understanding.



I enjoy working with her very much, she has really helped me raise my vibration and gets me through the "yickies" so that my life can be much more meaningful in all ways. She helped me realize my dreams and connects to myself at a soul level, to the guidance that is there for all of us.



I love her very much and there just aren't enough words to say how grateful I am that she has worked with me and helped me on my sacred journey. Thank you Suzi for all you have done for me, you are truly gifted. I look forward to our continued work together. ~Lori Roman



I met Suzi as it often is when I needed her most. A good friend, coach, mentor. She not only knows how to listen, she also hears what you say or not say. She can be still when it is needed and gives you feedback in a loving, caring and supporting tone. She allows you to be where you are and picks you up from there. She never judges, as we do this enough ourselves. She shows you the light when you cannot see one yet. She believes in you when you are not able to. She guides you when needed, takes you by the hand or hugs you whatever your soul needs most. She can see you and this alone makes you feel good and valuable. She shows you that you can trust yourself and that you are on the right path and that all will happen at the right time. After an hour with her you feel Love, Peace and Joy back in your Life. She helps you to remember where you come from and why you are here. I can more than recommend her to walk at your side as long as you need it. Your soul will be in deep grace and gratitude that you decided to do so. ~ Lea


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Awesome!!  You give hope to those of us who want to step out and up and be who, deep down at our core, believe we know we are. I applaud you and thank you for the inspiration!! ~ LR



You have freely given me amazing and heartfelt advice many times, which has uplifted me and motivated me to go further on my own path.Your painting of my guides was fantastic..
Keep doing what you do, the world needs you! 
Much love and thanks for all you do Suzi xxx ~ Jeanette



Absolutely stunning Suzi! And I second every word that Jeanette shared. You have also offered your guidance, your big heart and your loving advice with infinate wisdom with me on numerous occasions, I love you Suzi, I love that you are so open, always with a smile and have your wonderful sense of humour! I support you to the end of this lifetime, and would be most grateful to have the pleasure of knowing you in the ones to come..........YES you are worth this and the rest, my dear friend from down under ! ~ CE



I have the pleasure of calling you a very good friend that has always given me encouraging words and helped me to look at things from a different angle. I am so grateful for your sessions. It's not like taking a pill and the pain is gone, but you have always helped me in ways of becoming calmer, thinking more clear, feeling more grounded and all in all better in the end ... just being more connected with that you can't see. Which then will help you in curious ways. I wish you all the best for your coming adventure. And I know you can help anybody that will let you. Thank you Suzi ! xxx ~ Iris



Suzi has given me a great amount of loving advice and information, instrumental in clearing me of anxiety and burnout.

She has always kind and knowledgeable wisdom, and that has helped bring me to clarity, and I know should I have any further ailments, I will come to her immediately.

She is a joyous soul and brightens up the lives of many, she has many gifts that she lovingly shares and her channeled paintings are amazing!

I have no qualms in recommending her to my friends and family. Keep at it Suzi, you are truly a blessing. X ~ JS



Suzi I'm so grateful for your work! You started me again, on my spiritual journey. I was lost for years until you reconnected me through your wisdom and authenicity, your perspective, and then gave me lovingly, so many great books to read. Ive told many people about you and will continue to do so. Big ❤️ Sim xx



I was one of Sims referrals and for that I am truly grateful. Not only for my own journey but also my mothers and daughters. Blessed to have your gifts in my life Suzi xx ~ Kylie



Suzi is pure joy in or out of session, which is the goal of all energy consciousness. She's creative, uplifting, curious, evolving, expanding and upbeat at all times even when in the middle of challenges. We teach what we ARE, so she's a great teacher! She gave me remote sessions from Australia to the Midwest, USA. Your life will certainly be better and brighter if you choose to let Suzi inspire and lighten your life through her many talents. ~ Kris



I spent 15 minutes with Suzi and the energy was really buzzing all through my body the whole time. For a long time my mind has been trying to figure out how to heal me, but with Suzi's guidance I realized that I needed to allow the healing process to happen to my body and in my heart. During the sessions she spoke such wisdom to me and kept me focused on the outcome, never allowing me to travel back the memory of my ailments. She saw me as healed and showed me how to see myself as healed as well. Her energy is incredible, but I think Suzi's real gift is that understands all the mechanics of healing. She knows that the person being healed needs to participate in the healing too. I feel refreshed and alive! No more fear. So grateful for this lady!  Teresa



Suzi my Mom is doing so much better since you have been working with her. Her speech is clear, she is active and alive, so radiant again. Almost back to her normal self and it has only been two weeks! As you know, being paralyzed is very hard on her. She is a very active woman, so when little speed bumps come up like a bladder infection it can throw her whole body off. You may not have even known that because I haven't told you the diagnosis yet, but somehow you knew what she needed. She has healed quickly and is going out to dinner with my step Dad every night I call her! I swear it was touch-and-go for awhile, but now things are back on track. Whatever skills you have, whatever you have told her was exactly what 'she' was asking for. All I could do is step aside and watch. (I think she may have seen that smiley face of yours somehow!) Your abilities are amazing and you've the beautiful soul to match it. The rest of the world needs you. Thank you is not enough, I know, but is what I can give. You rock!   ~TH



I am amazed by this life , this journey, and utterly grateful.Suzi ,

Thank you for your gift to me- in your gift you have reminded me that everything is not just alright but filled with perfection and joy, that regardless a fearless life is here when you just watch it as it passes through. Bless You dear Heart xxxxx   ~KJ



Oh how do I start … I have never written one of these. A few weeks ago, because I was going through a hard and emotional time in my personal life, I got talking some more with my friend Suzi about her 'work'. Her wisdom was somehow making sense to me, even though I was a bit sceptic, I was very open. Now I have never believed in god (just wasn’t raised like that) but I do and always have believed that there is and has to be some more out there that we cannot see … and it is there!  After just three sessions … yes it’s there!!!  It works. These sessions have made me think clearer and being able to concentrate better on the things I have to do right now. I started realising that it helped me with my emotional state, for example I don’t feel like crying all the time anymore. To me this is a definite way to help me mastering the new approach of living my “new” life.Thank you Suzi!! I know you will be able to help anybody. Love   ~IB



Suzi WOW that was amazing!  WOW feel very clear and happy . ((((BIG HUG)))))Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work and compassion with me :)Xoxxxxxx. <3   ~AM


Lovely Suzi! 

I am feeling more comfy in my own skin than I’ve felt in a long time today. That feeling of well being was multiplied. Suzi,  you have the magic touch. I really appreciate you offering me a session. You are such a blessing to me and all your clients. I’m very thankful that you were inspired to do this work/play. AND I’m thankful that we have reconnected :D  ~ JJ




Suzi is my inspiration, mentor, guiding light. A true spiritual leader. The most holistic therapy I've ever experienced. Thank you Suzi for giving me clarity, peace, direction and hope. You are truly one of the most wonderful women I have ever met. ❤  ~SD