About The Reconnection*


The Reconnection* is best described as an attunement. It is carried out in two, one hour sessions and preferrably on consecutive days. If this is not possible, the next day is permitted.


During The Reconnection*, the Axiatonal lines, which are the energy grids just off the body, the Leylines of the Earth and the Axial lines of the universe are reconnected, allowing for the restoration of the infinite flow of source and opening the door to the true vastness of all we are.


If the body was a computer,  The Reconnection* would be the internet.....once you are connected you have access to the infinite wisdom of the universe, you have so much more than you even knew existed.


The Reconnection* is about advancement of your life path or purpose through strengthening your connection to source/God or the zero point field.


As there are very specific grids and points to be activated in and around your body, and beyond, unlike Reconnective Healing*, The Reconnection* can only be performed in person. 



The Reconnection* is only ever performed once in a person's lifetime.